Wednesday, June 15, 2011

(Classic) American Football by American Football (1999)

Kind of Like: Owen, Prawn, Pennines [OPP, baybee]
Genres: Emo, Indie
Preview: Boobtube

I got a request for this up here, and I never thought to put it up here because I figured most people that visit this site have already picked this album up.  It's been slow lately though, so why not make this a classic post? Why do they deserve a classic post?  Well, they influence many, many bands; many of which that have been featured on here.  That's a lot of many's folks.  Boston is about to win the Stanley Cup. The more this series went on, the more I realized the only reason I wanted Vancouver to win was for Kesler.  I still want Kesler to win a Cup, but I seriously hate Luongo.  He's pompous and kinda overrated, and I also hate Burrows.  Tim Thomas deserves the Cup more than Luongo based on this whole series.  Plus, it doesn't hurt he's from Michigan like Kesler.  One more day of work then I'm off to the west coast of the state with Lori for music, beaches, and loads of inebriation.  It's gonna be a bender, folks.

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