Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You Can Just Leave It All by Prawn (2011)

Kind of Like: Explosions in the Sky, American Football, You Blew It!
Genres:  Emo, Post-rock, Post-hardcore
Preview:  Absolute Punk

I first found Prawn on Circling the Drain, and when I hit play for their 2009 effort, False Institutions. I was greeted with perhaps the greatest possible infusion of 90's emo with post-rock (not to mention, occasional elements of post-hardcore) that I probably had ever heard.  I was disappointed to learn they only had that EP from 2009 and a demo, and no full-length yet.  Well that has just changed.  This album not only shows what made Prawn so easily accessible and great with False Institutions; it also builds on that sound for what will definitely be in the top 10 albums this year.  I'm sure these guys will be touring soon, so please check them out, and make sure you pick up a copy.  I really hope they come out with a record of this because I would love to hear it on vinyl.  This is rip of the stream from Absolute Punk, but just come back here June 14th and I will have the high quality version because I definitely plan on buying this.

Listen Here

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