Thursday, June 16, 2011

(Classic) The Lawrence Arms

Kind of Like: The Falcon, The Menzingers, Sundowner
Genres: Punk
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As promised, here is the bigger band related to Colossal that doesn't really sound like them except as far as punk music goes the Lawrence Arms are one of the most emotional and lyrically driven punk bands I know.  I present to you their three albums that I listen to the most out of their body of work.  The Greatest Story Ever Told was their first album I picked up, and it remains my favorite work by them.  It is an album that is excellent from start to finish, and after one or two listens you will already know most of the words.  Buttsweat and Tears is their latest work to my knowledge.  It is an EP, but it is what I listen to second most out of their material.  "The Slowest Drink At The Saddest Bar On The Snowiest Day In The Greatest City" is one of their best songs and it's on that newish EP.  Then there is Oh! Calcutta!  Which came after Greatest Story.  Some people argue it is better than Story, but I don't agree with that.  Either way, these three albums are a great introduction to a great band.  If you like what you hear there is also other albums like Apathy and Exhuastion, but I don't really listen to that as much as their other stuff except for a couple songs.

Brendan's raspy higher voice and Chris's wide-ranged clean voice are like the Phife and Q-Tip of the punk world.  There is definitely a contrast, but they go so well together (especially in harmonies), that it makes for really great vocals for this band.  I would probably say that if it wasn't for bands like the Lawrence Arms, there wouldn't be hip bands around like Tigers Jaw today.  They don't play many shows any more and I don't know if they have an album in the works at the moment, but if you get a chance to see them, do it.  They put on some of the most entertaining, sing-along shows ever.  Finally, here is an old ass video clip from the Daily Show featuring Ed Helms before he was famous, Brendan Kelly (Larry Arms bass player/singer), and Michael Graves.  And remember... punks cry.

Listen Here:
Greatest Story Ever Told
Buttsweat and Tears
Oh! Calcutta!

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  1. greatest story every told is the best hands down, i'd switch oh caluctta for cocktails and dreams, for being mostly b sides it's one of my favorites of theirs