Sunday, June 26, 2011

(Classic) Dr. Dre

Kind of Like: Snoop Dogg, NWA, Biggie
Genres: Hip-Hop

If you haven't ever heard of Dr. Dre, you are doing something wrong.  I credit Ratatat for transitioning me into the hip-hop genre, and I credit Dr. Dre as one of the guys that fully blew me into it (no homo).  90's emo and 90's hip hop have something in common, it highlighted a great era for their respective genre.  Most of the mainsteam hip-hop/rap is pretty much garbage.  The beats are heavy bass drum and random fast hits on a hi-hat, I would much rather listen to this than most contemporary stuff.  Here are two great albums, and maybe Detox will drop someday.  But based on what I heard from the first leaked song, it doesn't sound like it will live up to the massive hype that Dr. Dre has given it the past decade.  I'm sure Dre wouldn't mind you downloading this either, seeing that he lost a court ruling the past year to his prior label when they rereleased The Chronic without his permission.

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