Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Foster Portfolio by One Last Thing

For fans of: Everyday Victory, Longshot, Divit, Kidcrash, Daniel Striped Tiger
Genres: Emo, Indie, Screamo

Had a decently shitty day today. Mainly first world, white person problems, but still kinda shitty. So I decided to drink a few beers, get high, and break my silence on this blog by posting this. I started going to shows back in 2001 when these guys were playing regularly. Released during that same year, One Last Thing's "The Foster Portfolio" is one of the first albums to help garner (then) indie label Rise Records health dose of respect and recognition. Do not get discouraged from that tag, as Rise used to be amazing. Now they are shit. There aren't many bands out there that create this caliber of music now-a-days IMO (not saying there aren't great bands, in fact POO posts some really awesome music and you should tell your friends about this blog and these bands. Then make said friends buy their shit) but there is a passion in this recording that reverberates with me in such a way that I enjoy the music in a deeper sense. We all have those albums and "The Foster Portfolio" is exactly that for me. Can't find a preview link, but this album is legit. I strongly urge you to check it out.

Listen here


  1. HOLY SHIT I love you! I'm in Portland, saw these guys all the time back in the early/mid-00's, they always opened up for the big metal/hardcore bands. Anyway, me and some friends had a big conversation about these guys on facebook and I looked all over the net for this because I lost my CD. I still have the split with Crosstide but couldn't find this. THANK YOU. And do I know you maybe?

  2. that's awesome! this album is so incredibly amazing. i also have their split with crosstide and i'll probably post it up here soon. I just moved to portland last sept and am originally from bend, perhaps we've crossed paths, but i'm not sure.