Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hand Holder EP by Grown Ups (2011)

Kind of Like: Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing, Living with Lions, CSTVT
Genres: Emo, Punk, Post-Hardcore, Pop Punk
Preview: Bandcamp

Here is the long awaited new material from Grown Ups.  After listening to Songs and More Songs, I sadly was finding the songs I really enjoyed were growing old (except "Pears", still listen to that first part quite a bit).  This new material is pretty good, it certainly renews my interest in them.  The lyrics are cliche at times (if I hear more lyrics about how light is refracted or how things "ebb and flow", I don't know what I'm gonna do).  Still this is a solid band that is part of a highly popular movement, and they still bring some new feels to the table along with what made me listen to them in the first place.  I am way more excited for CSTVT's new release, especially with their newer (and better, in my opinion) sound.

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