Tuesday, June 7, 2011

(Classic) The Suicide Machines

Kind of Like: Against All Authority, The Flatliners, The Arrogant Sons of Bitches
Genres: Punk, Ska, Hardcore
Preview: Myspace

When I think classic album, I think Destructions by Definition.  That album easily defined (pun intended) a few years of my life.  To this day, I can still go back and listen to it and be filled with fond memories; I probably haven't seen a band more live than the Suicide Machines.  I also am posting this because Michigan native and physician-assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian died this past week.  If you didn't know, the Suicide Machines used to be called Jack Kevorkian and the Suicide Machines (wonder why they changed it?).  One time at a show a long time ago, I saw a guy wearing a shirt that had their original name and had their iconic logo on the front, and I was very jealous.  A lot of people feel that Kevorkian was an egotistical self-promoter, but I honestly believe in physician-assisted suicide and a person's right to die.  But that is a whole other issue altogether. Anyways, I found a bunch of links of some of their best albums and decided to throw them up here.  Oh yeah, and if you look closely you can see me in this video for War Profiteering.  They had a video shoot in a factory using space for bands to practice, and my cousin invited me.  I remember it being really hot and humid in that room, but they actually had coolers of cold beer and water for us.  It was a blast.  However, I also remember not wanting to hear that song ever again after having to sit through it for hours as they shot the video.

Listen Here:
Destruction by Definition (1996)
Battle Hymns (1998)
A Match and Some Gasoline (2003)
War Profiteering is Killing Us All (2005)

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