Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Singles by 1994!/Snowing/Boys and Sex/Algernon Cadwallader (2011)

Kind of Like: Oh come on now...uh...Grown Ups, Hightide Hotel, Streetsmart cyclist
Genres: Emo, Math Rock, Indie, Twinkle Daddies (I'm hip!), Screamo
Preview: Bandcamp

Wanna hear some new material from some of your favorite bands?  Well, here is a split that you'll prolly like, if you like these bands anywho.  I really hope they will be selling this at the 1994!/Snowing/Algernon show next month, but if you want to purchase it online you can do so here.  I am venturing to say this is one of Snowing's best songs, and Algernon's is also really good.

Listen Here

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