Sunday, May 29, 2011

(Classic) Journey to Love by Stanley Clarke (1975)

Kind of Like: Earth Wind and Fire, Return to Forever, Miles Davis
Genres: Funk, Jazz, Rock

It may not seem it, but I am actually a fan of funk and jazz music as well as all the noodly hipster shit.  I even have a whole plethora of classical vinyl that I put on from time to time (Holst's Planets really can pump a guy up).  Anyways, I found this album when I was first going through my dad's record collection trying to separate shit from THE shit. I popped this...on, and I was greeted with a low rumbling bass line that burst into porno-esque funk music.  I had been hooked on the song "Silly Putty" by Stanley Clarke.  This record would become a mainstay for the ladies, it is the perfect music for that sort of activity anyways.  I would find out that Stanley Clarke is a renowned jazz funk fusion bass player.  I also found out that this album featured Jeff Beck on "Hello Jeff" and the guitar solo for Journey to Love.  Also featured on this album is George Duke on the keys (organ, synth, bells, piano) who also did work with Frank Zappa.  I am going to try and put more funk, jazz, and classical from time to time, those genres have a lot to offer even if you mainly like math rock, emo, and other more popular genres.

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