Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Holy Shit by Living with Lions (2011)

Kind of Like: Transit, Daggermouth, Such Gold
Genres: Pop punk, Punk, Emo

I am not one for pop punk like Fireworks and New Found Glory and all that (melodic hardcore, bleh), but I saw these guys with CSTVT a month or so ago and they put on a good show.  Then I watched this video for "Honestly, Honestly" off their new album Holy Shit, and I enjoyed the Tim and Eric style humor.  Also, I read their and they seem like people I would get along with.  If you're a fan of pop punk you'll probably enjoy this.  Hell, I think this album is pretty damn catchy, and I don't normally like this kind of music.

"A decent apartment is not an easy thing to find when moving to Vancouver, so when the soon to be members of Living with Lions moved in to their first Vancouver house, they never expected it would be so pivotal in the shaping of their next year. Having similar interests in music, beverages and fun, the boys and their house soon became known for their ruckus get-togethers and parties. A popular spot for any east Vancouver youth to let loose and have a good time, a title was soon given to the house so many had become familiar with: Dude Manor. Before long, the house-mates turned the basement into a jam space and studio, and the friends quickly found themselves with a solid line-up of songs and deemed themselves Living with Lions."

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