Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quiet Geist by Herra Terra

Kind of link: Starfucker (with more rock added), ANR (a more somber version), Thrice (newer, with synths), ___________ (add what you will here)
Genres: Post-electro-alternative-indie-rock-dance-tronica,

"With enough electronics to overthrow Skynet, Herra Terra’s form of synth rock is infectiously melodic, even avant-garde at times, but never quirky or different for the sake of being different. Underneath all the gadgets, an educated appreciation for the fundamentals of rock acts as the driving force behind their compositions"

This is a super janky post, but the band is not. Give them a few listens as their sound explores quite a few themes and styles. This debut LP was recorded completely by the band in a basement in true DIY style and produced by two guys that worked with Death Cab For Cutie, Brand New, Coheed and Cambria, and Cobra Starship.

Listen here *couldn't find a mediafire link so here is the fileserve link :(*

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