Monday, May 2, 2011

Gangs by And So I Watch You From Afar (2011)

Kind of Like: You Slut!, Adebisi Shank, Maybeshewill
Genres: Post-rock, Math Rock, Experimental
Preview: Bandcamp

Prepare to bob your head and get your hair blown back to another Irish instrumental math rock band.  These guys are like Adebisi Shank, but with more post-rock elements and unpredictability thrown into the mix.  It's powerful and catchy, per usual for these kind of bands.  Damn you, Ireland.  Hey, did you hear about Osama Bin Laden dying?

"Gangs contains all the elements which made their self-titled debut album such an enthralling listen. Every one of the eight songs is arranged in an incredibly compelling manner, fusing together numerous ideas and rhythm changes to create 44 minutes of unpredictable discord, but at no point does the album feel disjointed or patched together. The intricacies of the four musicians on the album ensure that it has an incredibly solid foundation from which to build –and build they do. As the many who’ve seen this band on their extensive tours over the past 18 months can testify, ASIWYFA are masters of building their songs to a frenzied climax. Like a hand-grenade, you don’t know exactly when it’s going to go off, just that it will."
-Beautifull Noise

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