Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Converge/Dropdead Split (2011)

Kind of Like: Botch, Trap Them, Infest, Crossed Out
Genres: Hardcore, Punk, Chaotic Hardcore

Tits! I've been eagerly awaiting this since I first caught wind of it a month or two ago.  If you like Converge then you like Converge basically.  Their song is very fast, and intricate per usual but it has a great rough/raw feel to it not similar to their new album, Axe to Fall.  This is could be considered either good or bad, but I enjoy both sounds really and appreciate the variety.  Dropdead's song is a solid hardcore/punk song.  It's only two songs, so I'm sure you have the 2 minutes it will take to obtain it.

Listen Here


  1. check out converge's "on my shield" single for another newer song thats a little more cleaned up than this one. not saying this one is bad by any means and converge is as raw as they come, but as far as production goes that song sounds more like Axe to Fall and has me anxiously waiting for another new full length

  2. Yea, I actually got that track off Circling the Drain, another good blog. But yea, both are cool tracks.