Thursday, May 5, 2011

All I Could Find Was You by Dowsing (2011)

Kind of Like: By Surprise, Glucca Morra, Dikembe, Pswingset
Genres: Emo, Indie
Preview: Bandcamp

I'm laying in a bed in a hotel room in the great (but ridiculously-expensive) city of Chicago.  I'm a little hungover, and a little moody about watching the Wings going down 3-0 in their series with the Sharks for the second year in a row.  But this band is making things a little bit better.   It turns out they are from Chicago too.  AND, this was recorded by Joie De Vivre's Chris French.  First Crash of Rhinos and now this band; I found two solid newer emo bands in the past week.  Seeing that my bus ride to Chicago was fueled by Crash of Rhinos, the trip back looking out the window is probably going to be filled with this band.

Listen Here

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