Friday, May 13, 2011

Echo On The Hills Of Knebworth by Tera Melos (2011)

Kind of Like: bygones, By the End of Tonight, Hella, Zach Hill
Genres: Math Rock, Experimental, Post-hardcore, Post-rock
Preview: Bandcamp

When I first saw this I realized it looked very similar to Zoo Weather so I knew it must be another B-side from their ambitious Patagonian Rats album.  However, when it started downloading it was over 100 MB, which seemed like a whole album plus some.  Then, while extracting the file, it said it was only one track.  So, I thought, oh lord, what have you done now?  Well, it explains everything perfectly on their bandcamp.

"when we completed tracking for Patagonian Rats we had some additional studio time. so we decided to record a live, improvised piece for fun. the following 51 minutes was a concentrated blur and will hopefully be the same for you. we're asking for a minimum of $5, but feel free to "pay what you want," as your generosity is much appreciated and contributes to the life blood of Tera Melos."

If this was recorded in one take, then that is pretty impressive.  To just keep playing for almost an hour straight is not easy to do, especially with the drumming that gets put down.  This is something for fans of Tera Melos, but I would not recommend this to someone not familiar with them.  An hour long noisy improv session is not for everybody.

Listen Here

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