Monday, May 16, 2011

Double Visions by Munch Munch

Kind of like: Russian Apartments,
Genres: Experimental, Indie Pop, Noise Pop

"MUNCH MUNCH are a kaleidoscopic pop group from Bristol who write ecstatic, elliptical songs that burst with creativity and restless energy. The band are four friends: Tom, Richard, Jack and Sarah Louise. Their songs swim deep only to breach the waves in spectacular style. Concerned with shivering eternity, rusting history and touching upon the many vistas and dead-ends of love, Munch Munch are constantly trying to catch up with the uncertain moments which most validate our lives."

Catchy and unique pop songs. Solid and interesting album all the way through, in fact, just when you start to get weary of a part or think they might take the arrangement to a all you can eat cheeseball buffet, they introduce something totally freaking awesome and change it up. Feeling lazy enough to not complete the sounds like section but if you like indie pop and lo fi synths, check this out. Also, if you get the chance to see Werner Herzog's latest film "The Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D" do so. It is incredible and worth the 3D experience.

Listen here.

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