Sunday, May 15, 2011

Soft For Sight EP by Shut Eye (2011)

Kind of Like: Young Widows, Mogwai, These Arms Are Snakes, Sonic Youth
Genres: Noise Rock, Shoegaze, Punk
Preview: Bandcamp

"The album that lies before you is the debut release from amplifier-worshiping, world-weary riff rats Shut Eye. Born of the barren, southern california womb that is the Inland Empire (san bernardino, colton, calimesa and other such shitholes), Soft for Sight is a 5 song tribute to boredom, substance abuse, and unattractive-yet-refreshingly-attainable women. So download, listen, and drop out of life with beer in hand."
-Shut Eye via e-mail

I have a hard time finding reader requested bands in my inbox that I immediately like.  I just saw Young Widows along with a couple other stoner rock bands last night, and this instantly took me back to the intensity from last night.  This is a solid debut EP from a new band, and I look forward to what they put out in the future and hopefully seeing them live because noise rock/garage rock bands always seem to be way more impressionable live.

Listen Here


  1. maybe i haven't listened to radiohead as much as i think but this ep reminds me of them mixed with young widows. i really dig this album. been trying to find more of their music but no luck.

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