Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finals Week(s) plus Brewing Co-op plus Vinyl Record Doc!

Gonna be a slowerish week, at least until this weekend.  First final is tomorrow, and then another one next week.  Just wanted to share a couple things with you and then I will have some new tunes for you this weekend.

If you live in or near Grand Rapids and enjoy drinking tasty brews then I have a cause you can support.  Hell, even if you don't live in Grand Rapids, it would mean a lot.  A friend of mine that has more passion for making and trying new beer than anyone I know, is trying to start a Brewing Co-op in Grand Rapids.  Here's a brief run-down:

"There are so many people who drink beer, many of them are interested in the increasingly popular craft beer that is popping up all over the area. From light drinkers to full scale world traveling, award winning, professional brewers, it seems that everyone would like to know more about beer but can be intimidated by the scene. A lot of people don’t know what they like by name or how it’s made, don’t want to ask due to looking like a newcomer to the world of craft beer, and would have interest in learning more or home brewing, but don’t know where to start.

I would love to have a super awesome co-op serve as a place where people can show up with no beer background or tons, and not feel intimidated by a snobbish know it all bartender, or some person who knows nothing about it but got hired due to them being attractive. I feel a collection of members belonging to the co-op would be a much more friendly and open to the public, and it excites me to think that a person who just had their first craft beer could be able to sit in on a session and learn exactly how it all happens and really get inspired and be able to learn as much as they want.

We would be different from our “competitors”, because we would be a collective of people trying to share our knowledge and skills, instead of being a guy with money who’s trying to make as much as possible off of selling a product to a customer. I don’t even see other breweries as being competition, since the scene is so tightly knit, and all craft brewers have a bigger enemy in Budweiser, Miller, and Coors than one another, and getting someone excited about brewing through a Super Awesome Beer Co-op is only going to make them more likely to support our local friends in the craft beer scene in the same way people becoming fans of other craft beer will only increase the odds they to learn how to brew and try more craft beer. I see our relationship with other craft breweries as being more symbiotic than competitive… I would love to have a beer with the “competition” and see how they feel about it."

So, basically, he is applying for a $5,000 grant of sorts to start this idea.  And if you support great beers and great tunes then you should support the cause.  But more specifically, you should do it because I told you to.  All you need to do is register and vote for his idea here.  I know people hate registering for stuff, but you can even register via facebook, so all you literally need to do is click on Register through Facebook.  Not hard.

Finally, here is one more thing that should be of interest to you.  Here is a short 10 minute documentary on vinyl record collectors, and  even a "Spraynard" name-drop.

That is all for now, I may take a break from studying later and try and find some music to put up here.  If not, look forward to this weekend!  Big news is brewing.

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