Friday, December 23, 2011

The Denouement EP by Thunderstorms (2011)

Kind of Like: Piglet, CSTVT,  You Blew It!
Genres: Emo, Math Rock, Instrumental, Post-rock
Preview: Bandcamp

I put this guy's work up here a month or so ago, and I was compiling my best of 2011 list for the year, I found that he had just released this new EP.  I feel like this is his best work to date.  

I've gotten a few questions about when we will do the top albums of 2011.  For that, we are going to do a couple radio shows counting down the best albums for each genre.  This week will probably be the top ten Hip-Hop/Electronica albums and top ten Indie albums of 2011.  Whatever we don't finish will go into the next week which will be the top ten Post-Rock albums followed by the top ten Hardcore/Screamo albums of 2011.  The third and final week will be the biggun: Top 25 Punk/Emo albums of 2011; since those are genres that get focused on quite a bit.  Something like that.

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