Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hospital Corners by Bastions (2011)

Kind of Like: Kerouac, Pariso
Genres: Hardcore, Thrash, Chaotic Hardcore.
Preview: Thrash Hits

"If I could convey the cataclysmic force of this music in words, you'd be reading this here screen in a gale of distortion, face contorted by an unimaginable G-Force. Believe me, Bastions' début album justifies melodramatic language. And not just because of the sounds. This is a major event for music in north Wales. Its epicentre is the heart of this album. Nothing will be the same again. Hopefully."
-- BBC Wales

I wish some of these UK mathcore/thrash bands that have been surging over there would make a stop in the States.  I mean, wouldn't you wanna go to this show so hard?  Here is a debut by another great thrash band somewhat like Kerouac.

Listen Here:


  1. Heh, sweet! That show is taking place about 10 minutes from my house. So totally there.

    Good call on Bastions, they are quality. Didn't realise this was out!

  2. I´m surprised how cool this album sounds. I´m definitely going to follow on this group. big thx for posting this material.