Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sometimes I Get Drunk Records

I'm pleased to announce the opening of Sometimes I Get Drunk Records.  A vinyl record label/distributor focused on tasty tunes and groovy brews.  The first two preorders are up now, and should ship out in February 2012.  The first is a 7" split of Lizards Have Personalities and Adaje.  It is a three way label release between us, Carucage Records, and Sea of Tranquility.  I was very happy to have the support and collaboration with these two already cool labels.  The second preorder is the first SIGD Records exclusive: Peace Be Still's "64" on white 12" vinyl records.  You can also bundle the two releases together for a discounted price.  These will be the first of many and I will be striving to have a label that is anything but one dimensional and in the future will have things related to good beverages.  But that will be announced at a later point.

So, what is going to happen to this blog?  I would still like to do it to a lesser extent.  Next semester I will most likely be focusing on this label and what people have told me is the hardest semester for my program, and let other people contribute to this.  I will keep posting on here, but not at the pace I am currently going.

I am currently working on the finalizing the next two SIGD releases, Jet Set Sail's self-titled and Stage Kid's "Killer Tofu".  Hopefully, more news will be on those in the near future.  The only thing I want for Christmas is to see people getting into these bands and this label.  This isn't really something I want to make a ton of money off of or anything, this is just something that I wanted to do for myself and good bands for awhile now.  I hope it turns out well.

If you are a band that has been featured on here and want to work on a release with me, I guarantee I will be interested.  I am especially looking for local/regional bands in or near Michigan.

Click here to enter the store, I will have my own domain in the next week or two.

P.S. Dallas won $5000 dollars at the 5x5 contest to help jump-start his Brewing Co-op idea, thanks to everyone that voted!

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