Monday, December 12, 2011

Radio Show Tomorrow and Such


Tomorrow on the SIGD Radio Show, we will be playing new music by The Littlest Viking, The Cabs, As Meias, Goodtime Boys, Signals Midwest, Bastions, I Kill Giants, and Babytown Frolics.  We will be giving away a copy of Signals Midwest's Latitudes and Longitudes in lovely Maroon.  If you haven't seen our write -up or taken a listen, do so here.  We'll see you tomorrow at 7 PM Eastern for another night of good music and bad radio hosting!

Also tonight is the last night you can vote for Dallas's 5x5 idea for a brewing co-op.  If you like good local brews, I hope you will take the time to support this cause!  You don't need to actually "register" because you just sign in through facebook.  No effort required at all.

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