Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cult Classic by Benthos (2011)

Kind of Like: Native, Merlin the Friend, Appleseed Cast, CSTVT
Genres: Math Rock, Post-rock, Emo
Preview: Bandcamp

Here's a Michigan band for yaz.  This band is a group of four friends from Mt. Pleasant making music.  They only have this one song available for download and seem to be content with playing a house shows and not taking themselves too seriously.  I'm all for that because that's how great bands can start.  Hopefully they put out something else in the future and don't fizzle into nothingness like a lot of bands in this position do.  It features members from Merlin the Friend as well, which I featured here a few months ago.

Listen Here:


  1. Merlin the Friend* lol

  2. For some reason I always want to call the Merlin the Magician. Even tho Merlin was a wizard, not a magician