Saturday, December 10, 2011

Labor & Lust by the Littlest Viking (2009)

Kind of Like: Shapes Like Dinosaurs, Rooftops, Giraffes? Giraffes!, nuomenon
Genres: Math Rock, Post-rock, Experimental
Preview: Bandcamp
Buy: Mountain Man Records

"The Littlest Viking are a guitar/drums duo based out of San Pedro, CA. They play (mostly) instrumental prog/punk to put it simply. Tamborines, outrageous drum fills, wicked tapping, hoarse shouting, noise freakouts, salsa beats and the occasional Prince sample are a staple of any TLV live show."

Yikes, how has this San Pedro duo gone unnoticed for the past couple years?  This is their first and only release so far, but from the looks of their facebook, it looks like they are still playing shows and working on putting out new material soon.

Listen Here:

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