Monday, December 19, 2011

Reservoir by Olde Pine (2011)

Kind of Like: Family Might, CSTVT, Wavelets
Genres: Emo, Math Rock
Preview: Bandcamp

I hate to take another band from Music as Heroin, but eff it.  I know this is something that will make people's genitalia flood with blood and warmth.  When the first song started, I wasn't sure.  The fade-in is a tad awkward.  And although the guitar line is neat and catchy, it got beat to death at first.  So, I was skeptical, but by the time this two song demo thingy was coming to a close, I had forgotten about those initial thoughts and was just enjoying the great dual guitar work on this.  Especially the ending to "Dutch Apple Pie".  They are on a similar page to CSTVT in that regard, and I fucking love CSTVT.  Can't wait to see them again next week.

Listen Here:

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  1. take as many bands as you want from us! the more good bands are posted on different blogs the better-known they get, hopefully. also nice words on the ep, too! i like that genitalia part, haha.