Saturday, December 10, 2011

As Meias II by As Meias (2010)

Kind of Like: Bluebeard, Climb the Mind, malegoat
Genres: Emo, Math Rock, Post-hardcore

Are you sick of these japanese bands yet?  I sure ain't.  These guys have really complex, catchy grooves that I can really air drum to in my car when nobody is watching.  The thing that I really like about these japanese emo bands as well, is that they seem to have a high standard for bass lines.  A lot of the american twinkle daddy bands have bass players that sing so that they can have noodly, complex guitar riffs.  That's gnarly and all, but then a lot of times the bass just is straight forward following the root notes of the guitar.  I don't say all bands are like that, but it's just something I noticed.  I have a great appreciation for catchy, flowing bass lines that don't necessarily follow the guitar, and I've been noticing a lot lately with these japanese bands I have been putting up here have some really juicy bass parts.  I am not unamerican, I dunno, something I noticed, kinda.  Don't hurt me.

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