Monday, December 19, 2011

Killer Tofu by Stage Kids (2011)

Kind of Like: The Littlest Viking, Tera Melos, Foals
Genres: Math Rock, Experimental, Electronica, Post-rock
Preview: Bandcamp

Just when I don't think there is anything exciting for the day, I find something that hooks me instantly.  I found this one through Music As Heroin.  The production on this album is unlike any math rock album I've listened to recently.  Maybe Tera Melos, but it's a lot cleaner and crisp sounding to me.  It's nice to see a band deviate a bit from the norm.  What's more, they have a section on their website dedicated to art & beer that I think they brew themselves.  I wanna meet these dads.  Just give the first song a listen and try not to be intrigued 10 seconds into it.

Listen Here:

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