Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Self-titled EP: 3 by Mini Prophets (2012)

Kind of Like: Antarctic, Pretend, Giraffes? Giraffes!, The Mercury Program
Genres: Post-rock, Math rock, Experimental, Emo, Jazz

Really digging these guys right off the bat from Florida.  They are a self-proclaimed "experimental/jazz/rock" band, but I am having a hard time hearing the jazz part of this.  I'm sure the use of improvisation and experimentation could be somewhat of a use of jazz, but without the syncopation, blues notes, and swing note it just doesn't really sound like jazz.  I feel like they are more of a "experimental/post-rock/math rock" band.  But what they want to call themselves isn't really important, right?

Jazz or no jazz, these guys are smart and do a lot of things right with their music.  They seem to flow/write really well together and the music is really catchy for me.  I could see that maybe they want to distance themselves from the crowded "math rock" genre, and I wouldn't blame them.  It's hard to set yourself apart from other bands in a fairly saturated genre, but if you do then more props to you.  These guys kept me interested right from the get go, and that's all I needed, and the use of different instruments (xylo, horns), effects along with what they already got going on is a big plus.

I'm having a really hard time trying to express what I want to say.  Hopefully you at least give it a listen and see for yourself.

Listen Here:

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