Monday, April 16, 2012

Metropolis by No Omega (2012)

Kind of Like: Goodtime Boys, Converge, Birds in Row
Genres: Punk, Thrash, Screamo, Post-hardcore
Buy: Big Cartel

Last year, I stumbled upon a little-known Swedish bands self-titled 7 inch.  What pulled me in initially, like many albums I hate to admit, was the simple but visceral album art.  What I was greeted with on the inside was some heavy unforgiving emotive hardcore/thrash that would eventually make it onto the best of 2011 list.

When I heard that these guys would be releasing their debut full-length Metropolis this year, I was beyond excited.  I hesitated to envision it as one of the best albums of 2012, because every time I do that I tend to have to high of expectations going in.

The release date for Metropolis came and went, but I was unable to find a leak of the album anywhere.  I saw that No Omega was posting reviews for the full-length, so I approached them about letting me do a leak, or at least letting me listen to it and do a review on it.  They are cool guys, and they recognize some good stateside exposure when it comes along.

Aw shit, son. SIGD exclusive time.

So, I sit down today to get my first listen of this album.  The part I was happiest about what that they kept the same tone/mixing/direction they used in their 7 inch.  The guitars are heavy, the vocals are filled with power and emotion, the drums lumber very between straight up thrash/punk to lumbering and brooding.

I am glad to see these guys gaining exposure in Europe through touring with Bastions and doing shows with American screamo bands that are doing their rounds around the motherland(s).  And it's no wonder why, their sound is taking that heavy/thrash Converge style that many UK/European bands are emulating, but they also throw in the emotion and churning that is noteable in many popular screamo bands in the states and abroad.  That is also probably the reason why I am really into the UK's Goodtime Boys and Frances's Birds in Row lately.  They use a similar formula, but they are more on the screamo side whereas No Omega is more on the thrash/heavy side.  Speaking of which, apparently Goodtime Boys is also looking to be releasing a new album soon.

I am leaking this, but I strongly encourage you to buy merchandise from them (Big Cartel/bandcamp above).  Unfortunately, they have yet to state plans for putting this on vinyl which is one of the main thing myself and people that visit this site are interested in.

Edit:  GET THIS RIGHT RECORDS (US) & MONUMENT RECORDS (SWE) released Metropolis on CD on 2012-03-01. (500 pieces). THIRTY DAYS OF NIGHT RECORDS (UK), GET THIS RIGHT RECORDS & MONUMENT RECORDS is releasing Metropolis on 12" vinyl in May! (500 pieces).

For now, show these Swedes some love.  They are really nice guys from the conversations I have had so far and they have a friendly demeanor.  Also, they promote vegetarianism and veganism, and incorporate political ideas and civilization criticism into lyrics as well as spread ideas in a very open and relaxed way.  I personally am not a vegetarian/vegan, but if that is your thing, that may make you like these guys that much more.

Listen Here:

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