Sunday, April 15, 2012

Loose Control by Git Some (2010)

Hairy is the new hotty
Kind of Like: Bearings, Akimbo, Hot Snakes
Genres: Punk, Hardcore, Stoner Rock, Noise Rock
Preview: Spotify

Been meaning to post these guys after catching them a week or two ago.  They played with Converge, Loma Prieta, and The Armed.  I had no idea who these guys were walking into the show, but after seeing them I am very excited about them.  They put on a great punk set and have a sound that not many people appreciate now of days.  They play some blistering, fast, and heavy rock and roll.  They just put out a 7" with Alternative Tentacles Records, that is nowhere to be found on the interwebs yet as a download.  However, they have plans to put out another full length and you can check out their 2010 effort, Loose Control, below.

Listen Here:

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