Friday, April 27, 2012

Poplar Street - Leave It All Behind (2011)

For Fans of: Radiohead, U2
Genres: Alternative, Post-Rock, Progressive-Post Metal
Website: BANDCAMP Facebook

Poplar Street is an emerging band of young artists hailing from the lively city of Halifax, NS that came into formation in 2010. Poplar Street released their second album, Leave It All Behind in September 2011: both of their EPs may be downloaded at the link above. Emphatically ambitious and easily atmospheric are the two ways I enjoy describing this band and their live shows. The band describes their sound in a bio on Bandcamp as a combination of "musical elements of introspective post-rock and the intensely enjoyable energy of contemporary Canadian rock." Without disagreeing, I would posit the notion that greater emotion and beautiful harmony has hardly met with a more subtle song-smith than the great innovators in the Canadian music scene, Poplar StreetThe talented Mr. Mike Fong has asked me on behalf of the band to extend their music and goodwill to the readers of SIGD, and the world as they have a big summer planned. So stay tuned with Poplar Street. as insider sources relay they are in the process of releasing two singles and recording a third anticipation of previously unrecorded post-hardcore influences. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BAND!


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