Friday, April 27, 2012

Hira Hira - We​.​Are​.​All​.​Xray​.​Pricks​.​No​.​Talent​.​Fuck​.​Off. [2008]

For Fans Of: I Am The Agent, The Cast of Cheers, Bare Arms
Genres: Punk, Post-Hardcore, Post-Punk

Hira Hira is a hardcore/indie/punk band from Sydney, Australia, and just the title of the album should intrigue you enough to want to take a listen. They've been writing a new album for the last 12 months after a small line up change. They played some gigs, wrote 10 songs, then went out on an isolated property on the far south coast of New South Wales, where they spent a week recording and getting sucked leeches. 

Listen here:

P.S. Here's a preview of their upcoming album, Bugs:

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