Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Disembarked by Disembarked (2012)

I personally own a tele, but I really want a jaguar.  I be droolin' when I see those.
Kind of Like: William Bonney, Suis La Lune, Pianos Become the Teeth, Adaje
Genres: Screamo, Post-hardcore, Emo, Post-rock

Hello Sweden!  It seems our coverage of No Omega's Metropolis has gotten attention over there, and now I am apparently about to learn a bit about the bands that are going on over there.  So, all you folks in the states that already visit here are about to get some more international flavor.

I almost hesitate to say international flavor because this band would fit in very well with the screamo music scene that is going on here in the states.  They aren't as heavy as fellow Swedish group, No Omega; they opt more for higher and melodic tones and even the occasional post-rock/quieter sections.  The result is a really dynamic album that is reminiscent of the bands mentioned in the introduction.

Speaking of post-rock, while I was searching around for information on these guys, I saw they are playing with Prawn and APE UP! on one of their European Tour dates.  Now wouldn't that be a nifty show?

So, here is to the further celebration of Sweden.  After all, we have a lot of great hockey players from Sweden currently playing in the NHL.  What is hockey like over in Sweden?  I have seen people from Sweden actually come to Red Wings games given that we have a couple Swedish all-stars on our team, and I even see people donning Swedish olympic jerseys for our players.  Do you guys follow the NHL over there? Or is the focus mainly on Elitserien?  Also, what are same names around there that are being brought up as being potentially drafted into the NHL?  Who are you excited about?  What was Zetterberg's Swedish super model wife like before they got married and moved over here?  I had the chance to meet Zetterberg and his wife in the Detroit Airport and boy, what a hottie.  His wife was pretty good looking too.

Listen :


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  2. I'm from Sweden, but I actually don't like hockey at all.
    Elitserien is a proper snoozefest compared to NHL too, so being a hockey fan in Sweden would still be really boring.

    I'm definitely going to the Prawn/Ape Up!/Disembarked show though, it's going to be legendaryyyy! I've actually seen Disembarked live before, and they actually did not impress me in the slightest, but this EP is actually really, really good!

  3. I'm just curious, are most people in Sweden bilingual? I have noticed that many people from there can alternate between the Swedish and English extremely well. How early does one begin taking English courses over there?

  4. we swedes usually start reading english early in school, like from 9 years old or something. And we dont dub our tv-shows like other countries do (like simpsons etc), i think that has some effect as well