Monday, April 9, 2012

(Updated) Eunoia by Invalids (2012)

Kind of Like: Maps & Atlases (old), Bulletproof Tiger, This Town Needs Guns
Genres: Math Rock, Emo, Progressive
Spotify: Here

I talked about Maps & Atlases on the radio show last night, and I brought up how I still enjoy their new sound.  Their first EP was what initially blew me away, and it is still my favorite though.

When I heard this album by Invalids, I felt the same way I did when I heard Trees, Swallows, Houses.  It's as if a band kept going with the sound that Maps did in Trees and maturing it more instead of diverging towards a more indie, arguably safer sound.  Actually, it literally is exactly that.

It's even cooler that the two guys in this band met completely randomly and just decided to send music back and forth to each other.  Kenny says that there is no excuse why you shouldn't record your own music if you play, and this is another reason why.  With the amount of resources available for a fairly low cost, it is not really that hard to get an audio interface for a computer and a decent recording progran.  Then you just go with that, with the kind of drum programs you can get, you no longer have to pay for really expensive recording without the drums sounding obviously synthetic.

I am foreseeing heavy, heavy rotation and hopefully these guys will eventually meet in real life to do shows or something.

 I managed to find a link for this, but the digital album on their bandcamp is 8 bucks.  I hope they keep making music and possibly put this on wax, so I hope you use this as a promotional tool only and then delete it and then buy their sheet.


  1. I really really want a download of this, I'd gladly pay the money but 8 dollars to a college student is a lot more than it sounds. Can anybody help a brotha out?

  2. I'm a college student as well, and I bought this album twice.

    This guy also has been releasing progressive folk/rock for a while now. His most recent album, linked above, is fairly awesome.

  3. any chance for the instrumental album?