Sunday, April 1, 2012

People Live Everywhere by Nonagon (2012)

Kind of Like: Fugazi, Carrion Spring, The Blue Meanies
Genres: Math Rock, Screamo, Post-hardcore, Punk

"Nonagon is a three-piece punk rock band that was formed in the early oughts and practices in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. The band is comprised mostly of Tony Aimone (who used to be in The Blue Meanies, Taylor, and The J. Davis Trio), Robert Gomez (who was in der lugomen and is one-oneth of Martian Law), and John Hastie (who used to be in Jumpknuckle). They play loud and abrasive rock with varying time signatures and screamy vocals."

“…reminds of Fugazi, dirty basements, high school, and what made me fall in love with music so many years ago.”
-Deli Magazine

I know, said I had studying to do, but I saw the Blue Meanies association and thought this would definitely be worth a listen.  The band has asked to not have the whole album for free, but you can download a song from them.

Also, these guys are from Chicago and when they have shows, they usually commission local artists for the posters.  A lot of them are neat and can be checked out here.

Listen Here:

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