Saturday, April 7, 2012

BBNG2 by Badbadnotgood (2012)

Kind of Like: Modern jazz (NOT smooth jazz), awesomeness, The Beastie Boys, Danny Brown
Genres: Electronica, Experimental, Jazz, Hip-hop

I featured this great Toronto band's first album last year, and it is something I still listen to quite a bit.  I just found out about this second album, so I am going through it right now.  My testes dropped when I saw this had dropped.  So far, it sounds even better than their first album.  I feel like after the success of their first album they really came into their own for this one.  I tend to throw around the "experimental" tag a big, but these guys are really it.  They did this in true jazz fashion as well; letting the listeners get a look into the jamming/improv process (like the Office, ya know?).

All I can say is "Flashing Lights" cover.  Fuckin' christ, so many good covers/jams on here.  Are these guys touring?  Goddamn, should've gone to Coachella.  They also appear to be coming to the UK, ya damn brits.

Listen Here:

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