Thursday, November 3, 2011

Without Hesitation by Good Luck (2011)

Kind of Like: Spraynard, Halo Fauna, PS Eliot
Genres: Punk, Indie, Emo
Preview: Alt Press
Buy: No Idea (Only $8!!!)

"Good Luck is, without hesitation, the most positive group of people in one band possible. This exuberant wellspring is tapped on each and every song, even the heartfelt and downtrodden ones. In any other hands, the noodling would be too noodley. The sugar would be too delicious. Somehow the intricacy and curious time signatures melt away, taking a back seat to the overtly catchy and triumphant choruses. Charmingly humble and possessing a wickedly sharp wit, these songs are as fine as they come. This band deserves to be massive, thought they would probably be just as happy opening for Ted Leo on a world tour."
-No Idea

Saw these guys live at Fest, and they shred in the most upbeat way ever.  I picked up the two issues of their fan-made comic, and heard about this release.  This album is absolutely ridiculous, you need to pick it up and buy it.  It gave me the motivation to fix up my twelve string acoustic/electric I have been meaning to do forever.  They don't play twelve strings; they just motivated me to do something I was planning on doing.

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