Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Covalescence by Milanku (2010)

Kind of Like: Russia Circles, Envy, Neurosis, Mogwai
Genres: Post-rock, Post-hardcore, Sludge
Preview: Bandcamp

"At the crossroads between post hardcore and post rock,Milanku completely charmed Montreal’s local scene with their enourmous guitar build up. Features members of Kraken,Autumn Picture and mastered by Ryan Morey (The Arcade fire)"

Kenny just sent me this video for this band and I dug it.  These guys are from Montreal, a city that I can really get down with.  A hockey haven, beautiful sights/architecture, great food, and friendly/cultured people (women).

Not only do you get to listen to their album Covalescence from last year, but if you go to their bandcamp you can download a new single by them just released a couple weeks ago.

Listen Here:

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