Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Radio Show Today: Contest?

The internet is wonderful pletheora of unliscensed funnies/memes.

Make sure to tune in today to the SIGD radio show at WUMD from 7-8 PM EST.  We will be discussing very exciting news relating to the future of this website and bands associated with it.  I don't want to formally come out and announce it on here yet until a few more talks are done.  (No, it isn't about the zine, something much bigger than that).

As you can see we covered a lot of music this week so there will be plenty of new tunes to preview if you haven't already downloaded them along with a recap of Sunday of Fest (the best day).   You will hear from the likes of Restorations,Weatherbox, We Were Skeletons Peace Be Still, Dikembe, Pariso, Dope Body, Ngod and moooooooooooooooooore.

As far as a contest goes, I am going to go out on a limb and say there isn't going to be one this week.  Who knows though, we may change our mind and think of a release we wanna do a contest for and make you do something regretful for it.  If you are a band and want your record to be involved in a contest, contact me through the e-mail and we'll set something up.  I think I'm going to get a P.O. Box soon, among many other uplifts to this venture.

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