Monday, November 7, 2011

Camp by Childish Gambino (2011)

Kind of Like: Frank Ocean, Tyler The Creator, Kid Cudi
Genres: Hip-hop
Preview: NPR

"In that sense, he’s expanding on arty hip-hop stars like Kanye and Kid Cudi (not to mention, eons ago, De La Soul). He’s widening the definition of what has become an increasingly inclusive genre. And that gives his music, even at its most routine, the thrill of liberation."
-Jim Farber, New York Daily News

It's been a good year for Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino).  He took his career as a writer and actor to propel his own musical career.  Basically, he is living the dream of doing whatever he wants.  This is his first commercial LP on a label, specifically Glasshouse Records where he is among bands like Phoenix and Mumford & Sons.  This seems fitting for the "rapper for all these white kids"; most of his inspiration seems between drawn the two worlds he is between.  He doesn't have street cred, he grew up in in an all-white suburb.  He challenges people to listen to him no matter what race they are, and I think that his experience as a comedy writer makes his rhymes sharper than most.  "You're my favorite rapper now, yeah I better be or you can fuckin kiss my ass, human centipede".

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