Thursday, November 17, 2011

Adaje/Shark Bait Split EP/Cassette (2011)

Shark Bait
Kind of Like (Adage): Raein, Hot Cross, Gospel
Kind of Like (Shark Bait): CSTVT, Native, Calculator
Genres: Emo, Screamo, Math Rock, Post-hardcore, Post-rock
Preview: Bandcamp

I like when splits are two bands that don't sound exactly like eachother, but they complement eachother very well.  First off, I just realized Shark Bait has been trying to get their stuff posted on blogs like this for awhile.  I listened to Still Moving a little bit back, and I almost put it up here, but I thought the name of the album reflected how I felt about them to a tee.  I listen to these two new songs by them, and I am impressed.  The influence by Native is definitely there with the vocals early on, but where Wrestling Moves by Native became redundant, this Shark Bait band moves into post-rock feels mixed with catchy singing/90's and just keeps my attention, really.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Wrestling Moves quite a bit, but it is fairly one dimensional.  The only issue I have is some of the transitions are abrupt and I think could be cleaner/smoother like in "Something Old...".  The change in direction a minute in sound a little awkward, but what it turns into is catchy as hell.  But other than that, these guys should start getting a bit more attention.

Adaje, I haven't heard of before, but they have more of a metal plus post-rock plus screamo feel that I can really dig.  Some parts are borderline sludge/doom stuff.  I think they are from Tennesee and working on their third LP, hopefully after that they will branch out and I'll get a chance to see them.  Hell, a tour with these two bands would be tight.

Alright, I hope this posts makes up for the past couple "sell-out" posts!


  1. Adaje*

    please and thank you! :)

  2. I think this is just a cassette release, not a 7"