Monday, November 7, 2011

Winter Forever by Seahaven (2011)

Kind of Like: Brand New, Joyce Manor, You Blew It!
Genres: Emo, Post-hardcore, Indie, Punk
Preview/Buy: Bandcamp

"“a somber combination of indie / punk elements and overtones that inspire and uplift your average punk-listener”

This is a release I have been eagerly awaiting since first listening to their previous album Ghost, and then hearing the song "It's Over" for this new album.  I am a few songs into it, and can already tell a couple songs will be in heavy rotation.  I know a lot of other people have been wanting to get their hands on this album as well, but pump your brakes.  Give it a listen, but remember these guys probably deserve a donation for this album.  I mean, it's only 7 bucks for a digital copy, and 13 for an LP.  I help out with marketing bands as best as I can, but that is in hopes that I get at least a few people out of the many to show good bands appreciation and financial support.  Even if it is just 7 dollars, it goes a long way.  You don't have to just do it online either, they are on tour with Touche Amore and Pianos Become the Teeth.  You really want to miss that?  Honestly, I'm going mostly to catch Seahaven.

Listen Here:

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