Thursday, November 10, 2011

Live Fast, Go To Bed Early Demo by Calvinball (2008)

Kind of Like: Latterman, Get Bent, Lawrence Arms
Genres: Punk, Pop Punk
Preview: Bandcamp

"Ever since Latterman released the magnificent No Matter Where We Go..! in 2005, an entire scene of Latterman-inspired bands has formed. Many of these bands (such as Shorebirds, Bridge and Tunnel and Iron Chic) include members of the defunct Latterman. Additionally, many of these bands reside in the New York area. This makes it all the more interesting that my personal favorite Latterman-esque band does not come from New York, or even from the United States. Of course, I am speaking of the United Kingdom’s own, Calvinball.

Calvinball’s eight-song EP, Live Fast, Go to Bed Early features everything you would expect it to feature based on the last paragraph. Each song provides you with an infectious and anthemic chorus, almost always sung with hoarse dual vocals. The give-and-take between Calvinball’s two singers is reminiscent of Oh! Calcutta! style Lawrence Arms, and is used to perfection. This technique grabs hold of the listener from the very first track, and continues throughout most of the album. "
-Neil Cawley,

So far, out of all the material I have listened to from this band, I have been digging their very first demo the most.  This is the band that caused me to see Weatherbox and get an interview with Look Mexico.  So, that was just a bonus to getting to see them all the way from the UK (even if it was just the lead singer with a back-up band from the states).  Basically, this is the UK's answer to Latterman, but they still hold their own.

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