Saturday, November 5, 2011

[Classic] Orange Rhyming Dictionary by Jets To Brazil (1998)

Kind of like: Jawbreaker, The Promise Ring, Braids
Genres: Rock, Indie Rock, Emo, 90's Alternative

I recently rediscovered Jets To Brazil and forgot about how awesome these guys are. Great songwriting coupled with amazing lyrics and hooks that will get caught in your brain for days and days. Jets To Brazil formed after combined members of Jawbreaker, Texas Is The Reason and Handsome. Their debut LP, Orange Rhyming Dictionary, provides intelligent songs and unique ideas married through solid dynamics that bridge the gap between indie rock and emo; with a backdrop setting of late 90's New York. Standout tracks are the sad and despondent track "Sea Anemone" witch reads almost as a questioning of suicide, anthemic 6 minute crushing beauty "King Medicine", and the feel good final track "Sweet Avenue". If you have never heard this band before, get this and listen to it immediately, and if you already have this, listen to it again. Truly an amazing album.

Listen here


  1. Holy sweet god. I'm drunk now and it's almost 2 am but i was listening to my Schwarzenbach playlist and on a random search looking for full lyrics for my drunk ass to read along with i somehow stumbled across this blog. I haven't even looked at whatever else is here but just had to comment with FUCK YEAHA Jets to brazil! and GREAT blog title.