Friday, November 4, 2011

Fest 10 Hangover: Saturday

Double Decker Bike (click to enlarge)
Let me just start off in saying that I had this post completely finished except for a couple links.  When I went to post it, it had been deleted.  Goddammit, now I need to pound this out before I don't feel like ever writing it again.  Ok, so Saturday of Fest 10 started off with kind of a bummer.  I thought Glocca Morra was playing at 5:30, so we did homework until like 4 and then I realized their set had moved to 3:30.  I guess it was at capacity pretty quick anyways, but it was a bummer because I hadn't seen them yet and they don't tour a bunch.  Hopefully that changes when they come out with their full length.  All was not lost though, because it just had been announced that A Wilhelm Scream (Click here to read/download) was the secret band at 5:30 at Double Down.  They also were playing Mute Print in its entirety.  So, we got to Double Down and I really loved the venue.  It was kind of a dive bar, but in a good way.  There was a nice outside area as well with another bar and TVs playing the college football games.  Did I mention the weather was awesome all weekend?  Coming back to Michigan was tough.

Double Down (click to enlargate)
Before A Wilhelm Scream played, we got to catch Dirty Tactics (Click here to read/download), and that was fun.  I hadn't really heard them before, but I will be posting something about them shortly.  Then it was time for some Mute Print.

It was crazy seeing them play an old album in such a small, intimate setting.  We stayed for just about all their set, and then headed to The Atlantic to make sure we got to see a full set of Algernon Cadwallader.  I was glad we did because their second set was better than their secret show.  1982 was a cool bar to hang out in because of all the retro systems, but the Atlantic was a better bar to see a band at.  The sound was better, and so was the layout.  Their drummer makes silly faces.

After that blast of a set we headed to 8 Seconds to see Good Luck (Click here to read/download; new LP!!).  They shredded/bopped along, and it was loads of fun.  I picked up their fan-made comic books.

We then proceeded to head back to the Atlantic.  I think overall, the Atlantic had the best bands scheduled to play, and it was the perfect size.  We got there early and caught a band named Kite Party (click here to read/download).  They were an example of a band I had heard of before but never really listened to, but they definitely will be featured on here soon.  They reminded me a bit of Prawn.

After Kite Party, there was A Great Big Pile of Leaves (Click here to read/download) playing their first ever fest.  They got a warm welcome, and proceeded to get everybody moving and singing....after their drawn out intro.

Finally, as we were walking back to our hotel, we stopped in at the Florida Theatre to see the Fest natives, Against Me! (Click here to read/download).  Laugh out loud 15 seconds in.

And that was pretty much it for Saturday.  Whew, that was a little project.  And I still have to do like three more posts related to this one.  I may do those tonight/tomorrow, and then you can expect to see the Sunday version of Fest up here this weekend, and Sunday was the best day of Fest, I think.  

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