Monday, November 28, 2011

(Classic) Gorillaz The Singles Collection (2001-2011)

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Kind of Like: Daft Punk, Gnarls Barkley, Radiohead
Genres: Hip-hop, Electronica, Rock, Indie
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This 10 year celebration isn't really for big fans of the Gorillaz.  They probably have all of these tracks on their computer as it is.  This definitely would be for someone that has been living under a rock and hasn't had a proper introduction to this band yet.  Also, if you do know a Gorillaz fan, then this would make a great X-mas present.  Especially the records; you can either get a double LP of it or a 7" box set (awesome concept).  Now how about that for a good gift idea?  Personally, I think I'd rather get the remastered 4LP of Doomsday as a gift though.

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