Thursday, November 10, 2011

Follow the Rattle of the Afghan Guitar EP by Weatherbox (2011)

Kind of like: Mansions, Say Anything, Person L, Great Big Pile of Leaves
Genres: Math Rock, Indie, Progressive, Emo
Preview: Bandcamp
Buy Here: So many colors!

"Exploring themes of alienation, white privilege and the general insanity of our times, Follow The Rattle Of The Afghan Guitar is esoteric, challenging and thought-provoking, while still remaining hook-driven, innovative and exciting. The band hurls itself from a neutral space between pop and progressive, between vague and specific, ultimately leaving it up to the listeners to figure it out for themselves."

This was another amazing band we saw at Fest that we hadn't heard of until we walked into the venue.  It seemed to be a trend that every band we saw on accident left a great impression on us.  These guys are from San Diego, and I believe they open for Boris and Tera Melos tomorrow in San Diego.  Wish I lived in Cali.

Listen Here:

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