Friday, November 4, 2011

The Divine Middle by Dirty Tactics (2011)

Kind of Like: Junior Battles, State Lottery, Against Me!
Genres: Punk, Indie, Folk
Preview: Bandcamp
Buy: Kiss of Death

This band opened for A Wilhelm Scream at the Double Down at Fest.  They made an impression on me with me still being somewhat sober, which is a first good sign.  And now listening to their newest EP, I am even more impressed.

"Philadelphia's Dirty Tactics bring 5 tracks (4 on the vinyl) melodic mid tempo punk rock to the table on The Divine Middle EP. Sometimes sad sounding, sometimes upbeat, sometimes angry, this is a complete record that doesn't stick to any generic or worn formulas. Lyrically, each song unfolds like a short story.  band. This EP was recorded by The Pete from the Bouncing Souls."
-Kiss of Death

Listen Here:

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