Thursday, April 21, 2011

Songs To Scream At The Sun by Have Heart

Kind of like: Bane, Touche Amore, Defeater
Genres: Hardcore Punk

"Have Heart was a straight-edge hardcore band from Massachusetts. They embraced a realistic and forward-thinking attitude both musically and lyrically, and had an eclectic influence from various ’80s and ’90s hardcore bands, ranging from Youth Of Today & Verbal Assault to Outspoken & Unbroken to In My Eyes & Bane. They started in 2002 and ended in 2009, after releasing a 2003 demo, a 7” on Think Fast! Records (What Counts), and two LPs on Bridge Nine Records (The Things We Carry and Songs to Scream at the Sun)."
-Last FM

Solid no bullshit east coast hardcore punk. Listen, enjoy, repeat.

Listen here

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