Sunday, April 10, 2011

Call the Cops!! by Nightmare River Band (2010)

Kind of Like: Bomb the Music Industry!, Hurrah! A Bolt of Light!, Akron/Family(!)
Genres: Folk, Punk, Indie
Preview: Bandcamp
*Tracks to check out first: Jeffrey Bahmer, To The Sea, Mrs. Meyers, Procreate

This was suggested to me by my friend Matt, I linked him to the new Small Brown Bike and he linked me to this.  This band is folk band with punk rock sensibility.  They sing songs that are easily accessible.  I have gotten drunk the past three nights.  I swore I would not until after the two tests I have this week, but this album sounds like something I would like to have a rowdy good time listening to.  I'm sure they would sound best listening to them play live in a shitty bar, but they convey that atmosphere very well in this album.

“If you have never seen these guys live then get up off your butt the next time they are in town and glue your eyes and ears open! These guys are a modern marvel of original music that comes from out of New York… Listening to these guys is pure bliss. We’re talking brass, chiors, accordians, even some Uke… the whole shebang!”
- Wes, Lithium Waltz

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